Maths, Physics Revision Physicss Maths Physics Physics A Level Physics Home Maths Maths Revision hut Stopping distances Stopping distance is made up of thinking distance and braking distance  Both increase as the speed increases thinking distance increases in proportion to increasing speed thinking  distance speed A graph of thinking distance against speed would be a straight line Braking distance increases as the square of the speed braking  distance The graph would look like this the braking distance has a greater increase as  the speed increases speed 20  mph 6 m 6m = 12 m (40ft)  3 car lengths 30 mph 9m 14m =23m (75ft) 6 car lengths 40 mph 12m 24m = 36m (120ft) 9car lengths 50 mph 15m 38m =53m (175ft) 13car lengths 18m 55m = 73m (240ft) 18car lengths 70  mph 21m 75m = 96m (315ft) 24 car lengths Stopping distances Thinking distance Braking distance Never  confuse thinking Distance with Reaction time