Maths, Physics Revision Physicss Maths Physics Physics A Level Physics Home Maths Maths Revision hut Ford BMW Toyota Vauxhall Handling Data This is what the chart would look like if we  said that 1 picture represents 1 car  If we were to say 1 picture represents 2 cars  the chart would look like this Ford BMW Toyota Vauxhall Notice we cut 1 picture in half so that two and a half pictures represent  5 Toyotas Pie charts can be used to represent data. The “pieces”  of the pie represent the amount  of each item in a list. You can  calculate the degrees needed to draw the “pieces” by dividing the amount of each by the total and multiplying the answer by 360. apples  180 degrees plums 30  degrees bananas 60 degrees pears  90 degrees